Grand National Golf Club

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Randox Health Grand National Festival

Monday 8th April 2024

The golf centre is currently closed and will reopen on Monday 15th April , we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

There are 27 bays with the Toptracer Range technology that are available to use.

Compete with your friends in Longest Drive and Nearest The Pin competitions.

There is also a virtual golf simulator with 16 courses from around the world. Make sure that you download the Toptracer App to get the full benefits of the Toptracer experience. 

Practice your swing and gain information on your ball flight, ball speed and various other indicators to help you improve. Use the 'My Practice' option and discover how far you are hitting each club.

Play the 'Approach Challenge' and see if you can reach the top of our leaderboards. The Toptracer system is now a world wide application so the leaderboards for the various competitions are global, so be the best in the world!!!

The cost to use a Toptracer Bay is £6.00 per hour.  Bays are available on a first come first served basis.

Bays available

Monday to Friday - 10.00am to 8.55pm

Sat/Sun/Bank Holidays - 8.00am to 5.55pm

If you've ever watched golf on TV and wistfully thought about how great it would be to see how your shots would look on a tracer - your life is about to change for the better!!. 

Toptracer has changed the way that viewers watch golf and it is now set to have the same effect on everyday golfers, as Tour technology comes to the range.

Aintree Golf Course and Driving Range is giving everyday golfers the chance to paint their own pictures in the sky as Toptracer technology is set to change the way that golfers improve their game.

The new Range application adds a video game-like component to real life golf practice.  The original technology was developed in Sweden to track the flight path of a golf ball, display its path in video and analyse every shot hit.

Toptracer Range gives players access to all of these features and as a result delivers a highly interactive, entertaining experience. It also enables players to compare their results with their friends and finally settle those age old arguments about who hits longer or straighter!

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